About AGR

Want to know how our partnership with AGR came about? Here’s the story: in 1985, a motion was adopted by PSAC’s National Board of Directors to provide affordable home and auto insurance to PSAC members. AGR Insurance Brokers Inc. was appointed to act as the exclusive broker for PSAC for a five year renewable period. Thankfully, that mandate continues to be renewed as we work hand in hand to meet the needs of the members.

AGR acts as the primary broker servicing the PSAC members in the National Capital region for Quebec and Ontario residents. As for the rest of Canada, AGR teamed up with its affiliated brokers licensed in other provinces.

AGR Insurance Brokers is legally owned and operated by TW Insurance Services Ltd (TWIS). TWIS is a legal entity that was established in 2021 through an amalgamation of several predecessor entities. As a result, all client or customer information held by AGR Insurance Brokers has been transferred to TWIS.