Car Insurance

There are a lot of cars on the road and we know that every driver is different. That’s why we offer PSAC members customized auto protection with preferential rates. Our experienced brokers will work with you to find the right automobile insurance and ensure you feel at ease every time you get behind the wheel.

Key Products – Auto Insurance*

  1. The Disappearing Deductible: For each year you don’t have a claim your deductible is reduced.
  2. The $0 Collision Deductible: Peace of mind in the event of a collision.
  3. The Driving Record Protector: Protect your insurance rating even after an at-fault claim.
  4. The New Car Guarantee (Replacement value): Protects you for up to 5 years and in some cases beyond.
  5. The 2-year Premium Guarantee: Protects you against increases even after an at-fault claim.


Contact us today to make sure that you are rightly covered and are receiving all the benefits of being a PSAC member.

* Conditions may apply. In British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we only offer the residential program.