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Are you prepared for severe weather events?

Severe weather is becoming all too common. These weather events seem to move in out of the blue and often come with damaging winds, the potential for floods and sometimes hail. There are steps you can take to add protection and avoid, or lessen, the damage these storms can cause.


Check your sump pump

  • Make sure it is working properly.
  • Test by filling the tank and triggering the pump.
  • If your sump pump is getting old or needs replacing, consider getting one that works with a battery backup, so it keeps working even when you lose power. 


Clear away clogs

  • Regularly check eavestroughs, downspouts and exterior drains for leaves and debris to make sure water runs far away from your home.
  • Downspout extenders can push water further away from your foundation.


Batten down the hatches

  • Make sure outdoor umbrellas are closed and secured.
  • Secure patio furniture and anything else that has the potential to go flying.
  • Close any windows and patio doors to keep water from coming in.
  • Maintain trees on your property and assess whether some need to be trimmed or removed before they become a safety hazard. 


Protect from power surges

  • Appliances can be damaged if there is a power outage followed by a surge of electricity when the power comes back on.
  • Consider turning off some breakers during a storm.
  • Invest in a home surge protector that can be installed on your electrical panel. Individual surge protectors can be used on your valuable electronics. 


Stay safe during the storm

  • Protect yourself during a storm.
  • Monitor weather reports and take cover if a dangerous storm is approaching.
  • If your home is flooded during a storm, stay away from the flooded areas as it may pose a serious electrical hazard.
  • Stay clear of any sewage that has backed up into your home.


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