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Spring Cleaning: Vehicle Edition

After a long winter of snow, dirt, and salt, here are a few tips to transition your car from winter to spring.

Proper Alignment = Savings!

After a winter of hitting ice ruts followed by spring pothole season, you may also want to have your car’s alignment checked. A well-aligned car gives you a smoother drive, protects the life of your tires, and helps you save on gas!

 Tread trends

While swapping out your winter tires, it is the perfect time to give them, and your all-season tires, a good inspection. Try the toonie check to make sure the treads are still road worthy. Put the toonie on the outside edge of the tire’s tread. Based on where the tread reaches on the toonie, will help determine the health of your tires.

  • Bear paw: If the tread reaches the paw, the tire is probably still new and in great shape.
  • Silver band: That means the tire is about 50 per cent worn down.
  • Halfway up the letters: It is time to shop for new tires.

Under the hood

When it comes to the mechanical maintenance, check the owner’s manual. It will provide details beyond regular oil and filter changes, that tend to be overlooked. Spark plugs may need replacing or your belts need inspecting. Be sure to top up your fluids and check the electrical system to make sure the battery and alternator are running at peak performance. The cabin filter could also likely use a change.

Clean, inspect, and go!

Wash away the buildup of salt and winter grime. A good clean will also show any problems that developed over the winter.

Inspect the windshield where stone chips may have been disguised by salt spray. If you discover any stone chips, get them repaired them before they become a crack. It is also a good time to replace your wiper blades to make sure you have the best visibility when dealing with spring rain.

Insurance review

While you are taking care of your vehicle’s needs, be sure to check that your insurance is still meeting your needs. We can help! For questions or to get a quote, call AGR Insurance Broker’s today at 1-800-668-0250.